About me

rhuanrochaPrincipal Software Engineer at Digibee, Apache Camel Committer, Java expert with a focus on Apache Camel and Integration, and co-founder of Cloud Conference Day. Throughout his career, he has developed several Enterprise applications for private companies and governments in Brazil, using Java EE / Jakarta EE and technologies from its ecosystem. Working inside a big Jakarta EE vendor, he developed many solutions using the Jakarta EE and its specifications.

Besides that, Rhuan Rocha is a lover of the Open Source culture and has contributed to many Open Source solutions like Jakarta EE, Microprofile, JNoSQL, TomEE, Apache Camel, and Quarkus. he wrote 2 books about the Jakarta EE. The first one was Java EE design patterns and best practices and the second one was Jakarta EE for Java Developers: Build Cloud-Native and Enterprise Applications Using a High-Performance Enterprise Java Platform

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